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About "Ty's Hope"

In 1990 Ty Schenzel had just taken over the youth ministry leadership in a large mega-church in West Omaha, and brought on Jeff Saxton to help him pastor 500-plus youth & college students weekly. Everything was great, at first. They were growing and as they began to reach out all over Omaha and the surrounding towns. Soon all over the city, youth were coming, and staying. 


A divine encounter led to a new passion to look beyond the 4 walls of the church and see what was really "going on" in the inner city neighborhoods of North Omaha. Ty began to embrace this new "calling" - his new hope was to see inner city kids, teens, youth, integrated into the church and become part of the youth ministry. 

When out of nowhere...

a coalition of 70+ parents had enough of the new vision, and of Ty & Jeff's "relational, informal style of ministry" in 1994, and convinced the church board to temporarily relieve them of their positions. 

Depressed and afraid... they were ready to quit. 

But God had a plan. He used an unexpected show of honor from an unlikely source to resurrect their leadership - and Ty's hope. From there - they never turned back. Through exciting projects including "Straight Talk - Omaha's only youth call-in talk show" on KKAR (1994-1996), to "Racial Roundtables" lead by Burton Holland, to spontaneous ideas like bussing the church youth to Flanagan High to cheer for the football team, momentum was building. 

Instead of bringing the hood to the church, they were taking the church into the hood. 

Sadly, the enemy was not about to just give up. In 1995 they hit an even greater wall - a clash that threatened to destroy Ty's Hope forever! Only a God-sized miracle could now recover what God wanted. 

But what seemed impossible, was about to become possible...

“If you love adventures, don’t miss this action-packed read!" Jeff Saxton 

Sample Chapters 

 Chapter 1 – Jeff first turns down Ty’s offer, and the "document" that changed his mind. 

Chapter 2 – Ty and Jeff see almost a 200% growth in attendance overnight! 

Chapter 4 – The Storm of The Century in 1992 becomes The Youth Conference of The Century!

Chapter 6 - Bryan Crute ‘knights’ Ty to reach the inner city of Omaha. 

Chapter 8 - A group of 70 unhappy parents declare mutiny.  

Chapter 11 - The Holy Spirit brings a fire for world missions including the inner city of North O.

 Chapter 18 - How volunteers mutiplied from the church, and followed Ty into North Omaha.

Chapter 19 - How the old Boys and Girls Club transformed into The Hope Center.

Why Sponsor This Book? 

When you choose to sponsor this book, you are partnering with us to spread the message of compassion through Ty Schenzel and those who helped him.

Also, getting sponsorships for an upcoming book is becoming a more and more popular way to pre-sell the book to their followers - which can mutiply the list of excited buyers, waiting to get their hands on a copy.

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"Ty's" Hope Book Project

The audience for a book about Ty Schenzel are between 16 - 65, socially conscious about Omaha and/or social issues, active on social media, care about their faith.

An International Audience

ABOUT ME: I am an Amazon Bestselling Co-author, published author, Award winning producer (Lifetime Judge with the Telly Awards) and my first feature film (www.heartofthecitymovie.com) was shown in several film festivals.

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Marketing Goals 


The first PHASE of our marketing plan is focused on OMAHA - getting this book in the hands of as many churches, schools, local businesses and Omaha influencers as possible. From this local success, PHASE 2 includes online, social media influencers, bloggers, church partners from the USA, and then we move into PHASE 3 which is focused on national MEDIA promotion, TV and national wide-audience broadcasting. We have a more detailed PDF of the Marketing Plan available on request.


We hope to have the book written and edited by Dec 31 2018

Printing and Publishing - ready for market by Spring 2019

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1. How many potential readers will buy this book?

1. We have in place strategic networks, including sponsors like you, that want to get the book out to their contacts and followers. In additon, we are offering 50% off retail to all sponsors, who can also resell the books themselves if they so desire!

2. How does a Sponsor Resell the books?

2. Each Sponsorship level comes with a certain amount of books you can "pre-purchase" at half price and then resell. You can also purchase additional books over and above your sponsorship amount.

3. Do I have to resell books as a Sponsor?

3. Absolutely not! We are happy to work directly with your customers and followers that you refer us to! 

4. Are Sponsors required to help spread the word about your book?

4. We will do all the sales, communication et. If you are a Sponsor and we advertise you in our book and on our website, et. all we ask in return is that you do pass along a few of our emails, links to your sites, and posts to your social networks.

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