Meet the Author

I am beyond blessed to be writing this book. Who would have thought that I would take a look back 20 years ago and relive some of the most amazing and profound events of my life!

Jeff Saxton

Jeff is the author of "The New Pharisee" (2010) and the writer/director of the feature film "Heart of The City" (2009) and he was the Amazon Bestselling Co-Author (with Christine Kloser) of "Pebbles In the Pond, Vol 2" in 2013. Jeff is also a Lifetime Judge of the Telly Awards (Silver Council) and currently has interest from Hollywood to see "Ty's Hope" eventually made into a top-quality faith film.

“If you love adventures, don’t miss this action-packed read!"

Jeff Saxton (author)

Next Steps...

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My Approach

Everything I have written has it's own process. This book is really a mix of journalism, research, interviewing, traveling and writing. I feel ready for the challenge! As this mix of activities begins to come forth on the printed page, I am looking forward to the final product. This is not a "how to" book - but a GREAT STORY! I feel it should be told so that you, the reader are on the edge of your seat, wondering what happens next!



My Story

This story is one I feel qualified to tell - because it is MY STORY of what I went though as Ty's Assistant and one whom Ty asked me, or ordered me to be with him wherever he went. We obviously complemented each other in terms of gifts. Ty was genius that way - he always knew who was good at what. AND he knew how to push people into doing things - but only with the Holy Spirit doing the pushing. That's so rare a talent. It's rarely seen anywhere.