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Backstory Influencers

Pastor Ed King now directs The Hope Center Sports & Activities. As a youth pastor he was an influential part of Racial Roundtables (Led by Burton Holland) where we all listened, and learned.

Foundational Events

The Hope Center was just an "idea" in Pastor Ty Schenzel's mind when he and his amazing wife Terri, Pastor Jeff Saxton, and Ivy (Jackson) Ginn co-hosted "Straight Talk - Omaha's Only Youth Call-In Talk Show" on KKAR every Sunday night from 1994-1996. Omaha's racial and social issues were often the focus of these impactful shows. Some of the amazing creative team included Suzi (Yokely) Busby, Sherri Newill, Monica Eby, Julie (Jensen) Ostrand, Dan Richters and Mindy (Carrick) Dann.

ZEROS Youth Ministry

The Youth Pastors and wives of Trinity Church Interdenominational had many reunions from 1996 to present. We were called ZEROS from Pastor Lincoln Murdoch's original ministry - (Zealous Evangelistic Radicals of the Savior) but we never felt right about changing the name. We had a vision to see 100 ministers or missionaries someday launch out from ZEROS - and a few years ago... God surpassed that dream.

A Great Journey Makes A Great Story

Yes, Hollywood is interested in this story as a faith film.

While that is a huge sign that this story will grab readers and then possibly viewers, we have only just begun.

Just like THE HOPE CENTER - Ty had to go on a seemingly endless journey up the mountain of faith. It wasn't all daises and roses. There was internal struggles and outword struggles. Ty sometimes had no idea what the next step should be. We prayed together all the time as we tried to make the youth ministry fit what was in Ty's heart.

But as time went along, it became clear that - there was another way God had planned all along.

There was significant opposition within our own church family at the outset. And there were times when I thought we would be fired. In fact, we were fired for about 2 months at one point! But not by the leaders, but a coalition of mostly well-meaning parents who were afraid.

And some of their concerns were actually valid. We made mistakes. But we adjusted. People forgave one another. Disunity that surely threatened to break our mega-church into pieces, turned into unity!

That unity propelled Ty as he stepped out with everyone fully behind his gigantic goal.

THAT is what this book is about.

I hope YOU can be inspired as you read all that GOD DID to take YOUR journey of faith!

Ty wasn't a miracle worker. He was a regular Christian man who decided to take an incredible journey of faith. THAT is the lesson of Ty & Terri Schenzel that I believe they would champion today if they were still alive.

And they ARE MORE ALIVE than ever now! And they cheer us along to live the same way they did, but with our own unique faith journey.



Next Steps...

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